What do you want
To be able to do differently
As a result of taking the training?

What the heck is NLP and

... I ask this question of every single participant during our discovery chat.

It's a fairly loaded question and when caught off guard many tend to 'wonder' while answering.

It really boils down to the following:

There is a problem to solve, a challenge to overcome or a goal to reach , and NLP Training is considered a solution.

Strong Desire Deep Inside

Some shrug their shoulders and go "well, I want to take it, because I want to take it. There is a strong desire deep inside that I feel and that's what I want."

Intense Curiosity

Some people are driven by intense curiosity. They have exhausted all available sources and now crave more. They realize the best learning patterns will never reach the page of a book or an audio / video file.

Lead The Pack

Some people are hopelessly stuck at the tail of the pack, and know that folks in the lead did not get there by pure luck. When I was taking my own Master Prac back in the day, my training partner told me that his peers had taken their training eight years ago, and he now regrets not doing the same back then. 

People Helper

Many people make money, some make really good money, but deep down inside, they feel what they really want to do is ... 'people helper' stuff. They really want to be in the people helping business. This desire drives many of their decisions. 


Every now and then a person shows up who had discovered NLP during the pursuit of the 'Love of my Life'. A fair game as long you put the cart behind the horse.

How to become a successful influencer, consistent achiever, and a master of your domain


If you want to create success for yourself and take your personal and professional life to the next level, in this program we master a proven system to do just that.

Hi, this is Andrey Bright

And welcome to NLP.FUN Practitioner.

Get a taste of what it's like to be in the audience

Check out the video belo

In this video Andrey explains of the most challenging concenpts in NLP: TOTE.
Test Operate Test Exit

The footage was recoded during a live NLP MASTER practitioner training November 2018.

Participants had already completed their Prac training (oftentimes many years prior to) and some familiarity with concept of TOTE had been presupposed.

After Completion You Can Expect Yourself to be Able to

  • Master your own emotions to ensure you are responding instead of over reacting

  • Set goals and staying on track modeled after recent AI break-throughs

  • Win people over to your ideas

  • Improve personal and professional relationships

  • Boost confidence in crucial situations

  • Get an insight into yourself and your ability to change

  • Overcome unconscious hurdles preventing you from taking your business or career to the next level

  • Make significantly better decisions, and double your execution rate

The goals of the program

Maximize value by being relevant

We're going to start by talking about your dreams, hopes, aspirations and challenges (aka problems).

All techniques and concepts will be then lined up to address ambitions and challenges of the individuals and the group.

Make the best use of your time

The workshop-like meetings are scheduled on the week-ends during "off-season": October to May (excluding holidays).

This saves valuable vacation time, does not interfere with summer fun, and gives you plenty of time to process the material in between meetings. 

Theoretical concepts had been pushed to self-study format. This minimizes the time you need to spend in the class, and maximizes the time of putting theory into practise.

Maximize 1-on-1 interaction with the instructor

The most important goals (or challenges) are often times the ones people don't feel comfortable discussing in class.

This is normal. This is being a human.

I had included 1-on-1 interactions with the instructor in the program to make sure you get the maximum value for your investment (details below).

The new and improved format

Traditional NLP training was based on a workshop format.

Over the years, I've come to realize that students improve the most under mentorship. 

The new and improved format blends the best of both worlds to produce coaching-workshop format. 

The standard training curriculum is broken down into tools, which are then used to close the gap between:

  • where you are right now
  • where you ultimately want to be

By Registering You Get

  • Society of NLP Certification

  • Three one-on-one sessions with a trainer

  • Curriculum tuned to address your own goals, needs, and problems

  • Plenty of time to process in between training days

Our Story

We all have dreams, hopes and aspirations. And it feels so good when one of yours comes true.

I don't know how you discovered NLP yourself, but I first bumped into it at the age of 15. Motivated to get better grades I was seeking ways to become smarter.

After reading "Using Your Brain For a Change" by Richard Bandler, I found myself ‘connecting the dots’ for the next six months. There was something mesmerizing about the subject.

A childhood curiosity evolved into a life-long passion.

In 2010 I had attended my first NLP Practitioner training, led by Elizabeth Payea-Butler. 

She started "NLP Possibilities" in 1993 and continued to train and coach ever since. I knew I was in good hands, because Elizabeth was one of the six trainers world wide to be awarded MASTER TRAINER status.

"I highly recommend NLP Master Trainer Elizabeth Butler. She is continually updating her training with the most up to date skills that I have developed and is the only NLP Master Trainer with a Specialty in DHE."

- Richard Bandler Co-Founder of NLP

Under her wise mentorship I had graduated to become a licensed trainer of NLP in 2012,

and In 2014 sold my very profitable transportation business to focus on NLP full time.

I'm confident that one day you get to sit down and write a success story of your own, because you have a bright future ahead of you, and the tools to make things happen are within your reach.

- What is the best time to plant a tree?

* Ten years ago!

- What is the second best time?

* Right now!

As a life coach and change agent,

André G. Lafrenière, Life coach and change agent

As a life coach and change agent, the NLP Practitioner course has enabled me to develop a better understanding of language, communication and behavior. I am recommending this course to anyone seeking enhanced positive communication skills will see immediate results with their personal contacts, clients, employees and managers.
André G. Lafrenière

To me learning NLP

Max Green, Lawyer

with Andrew and Elizabeth is as essential as learning how to walk or breathe. In our daily life, filled with distractions as well as opportunities, it gave me a sense of what is important. The ability to easily divert the unnecessary clutter and focus on the most important fundamentals like health, personal development whilst enjoying harmonious relationships with loved ones are just a few of those newly acquired skills.

I am a much better communicator

Andrea Sanchez, Real Estate Agent

and have much more insight into people’s behaviour. Professionally NLP has made a real difference in making a buyer’s and seller’s process in real estate smooth and successful. Andrea Sanchez

Since taking the NLP course a few years ago

Alvin Brown, Peak Performance and Greatness Coach

I have had a noticeable improvement in my ability to become aware of my interactions and how I play a role in my own life. My senses have become more refined and I am able to effectively mitigate the three traps of miscommunication in language - distortion, deletion and generalization. Through consistently working with the material we studied, I have also been able to apply it in both my personal and professional life, with amazing results! Time and money well spent!
Alvin Brown

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Society of NLP?

A picture says a thousand words :)

Here is the snapshot from my very own Practitioner Manual.

What are the advantages of Society of NLP (continued)?

A practitioner certificate allows you to attend Master Practitioner Training at a Bandler Organization (prerequisite), and subsequently Charisma Training for the purpose of becoming an NLP Trainer.

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Go through all the meetings, read all the summaries, and do the exercises ...

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